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Testing Capacity

Testing Capacity:

High voltage testing capacity:

A. Short circuit test:


Inner Arcing Test:12kV,40kA


Short Circuit Test of Transformer:110kV,120000kVA

B. Short-circuit Withstand Current:450V,540kA,200kA,1s;450V,120kA,4s

C. Power Frequency: High-voltage 600kV,Lightning Impulse Voltage: 2400kV

D. Temperature-rise Test:25000A

E. Capacity Current:5kV and under back-to-back 630A

F. Artificial Pollution Test, Condensation Test, Icing Test, Salt Spay Test, Alternate Humidity Test

G. Impulse current:150kA(4/10)、100kA(8/20)、40kA(30/80)、40kA(110、2/20)、3kA(2ms square wave)

H. Combustion test, Climatic test and Environment test of Dry-type transformer

I. Combustion test of busway

K.Equipped with high speed camera,680 thousand photos per second,it is used for analyzing arc.

Testing capacities of low-voltage electrical products

A. Short-circuit test capacity: 450V,280kA,726V,140kA,1256V,70kA,0.2s

B. Maximal short-circuit withstand current capacity: 450V,540kA,200kA,1s;450V,120kA,4s

C. Maximal temperature rise:20kA for three-phase A.C.,8kA for D.C.

D. Testing capacity of circuit-breaker instantaneous release:100kA

E. Phase-selection switch 10kA 150kA

F. Being able to perform flammability tests for busways

L. Direct current short-circuit capability: DC500V,100kA、DC1000V,50kA、DC1500V/25kA