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Brief Introduction


   China National Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Smart Grid Transmission and Distribution Equipment, with total investment of 330million RMB, covers an area of 60 Mu, has building area of 34500 square meters. With a 3500MVA impact generator and three 110kV substations, its Short- circuit test ability reaches up to 12kV/65kAand 450V/280kA, 0.2s. It's the first testing and research base of high, medium and low voltage electrical apparatus in South China and Southeast Asia.

   The national center is a registered laboratory of LOVAG (Low voltage agreement group). It can issue the test report with LOVAG mark in accordance with the relevant LOVAG program, which helps the customer to enter global market conveniently.


   The national center is a high, medium and low-voltage electrical laboratory recognized by the CNAS. It’s an international electrotechnical commission IECEE CB-laboratory, and it’s also a "CCC" certification testing laboratory authorized by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA). It also undertakes the testing work for Guangdong Quality Supervision and Testing Station for High-voltage Transmission and Distribution Equipment, and Guangdong Quality Supervision and Testing Station for Transformer. Testing capability of the national center is accredited by Holland KEMA, Britain ASTA, Germany DEKRA, U.S.UL, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, China Nuclear Power, China Classification Society, and China Railway Certification Center. According to the customer's needs, products tested by the national center can be issued CCC, CTC, CQC, energy conservation, PCCC certification test report and CB, CE certificate, and foreign Netherlands KEMA, Britain ASTA, Germany VDE, U.S. UL , Indonesia SNI , Korea KTC certification test reports. The clients will benefit from “one test global all-purpose”.